Organising and leading a ride
When posting, give an honest assessment of the length/difficulty/climbing etc of your route so that people may judge whether it is appropriate for them.
If you have any conditions on attendance, state them clearly with an explanation.
Above all, be welcoming to newcomers.

Signing up for a ride
Comply with any conditions stipulated by the ride leader. They are there for a reason.
Be sure to leave the ride organiser in no doubt as to whether you are attending and turn up on time. Avoid leaving them waiting for you.

Preparing for a ride
Do ensure that your bike is serviceable and ready for the ride.
Do bring sufficient food and water for the ride.
Do carry spares and tools for your bike.
Be ready to start the ride at the time posted by the ride organiser.

Lift Sharing
Be ready to be collected at the agreed time.
Take a change of clothes and a bag for your dirty riding clothes to keep your club mate's car clean.
Be prepared to pay for your share of the fuel, road tolls and parking.

Ride considerately. Be aware of other riders, both in your group and other people.
Give priority to walkers and horse riders. A cheery hello and smile from a rider is always a good idea, especially if they have stopped to let you pass.
The use of public footpaths and un-approved trails on private land is illegal. Riding such trails is bad for the image of the club and mountain biking as a whole. Keep it legal.
When riding on the road, follow the rules of the road. Use lights when required.

Use of the website
Bear in mind at all times that the website is publicly viewable, and that what you say may adversely affect the image of the club.
If you judge the posting to be offensive contact an administrator who will seek to resolve the issue. Do not escalate the problem by starting an argument.
If you find a posting on the forum or gallery not to your taste, simply ignore it. Members have the right to express themselves on the forum.
If you receive a message that a post you have made has received a complaint, cooperate with the administrator who contacted you to. He/she will aim to resolve the issue amicably. Failure to cooperate may result in disciplinary actions.

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