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  1. The Club shall be called – “MCC OffRoad”


  1. The Club Colours shall be – yellow and black


  1. The Aim of the club shall be to promote mountain biking in all its forms.


  1. Membership shall be open to active off-road cyclists on payment of the annual subscription, which will include public liability insurance.  Junior members must be 13 years old or over.  Juniors under 16 years of age will only be accepted if their member parent/guardian rides with them.  However, they are allowed to ride without such parent/guardian on designated local rides.


  1. All cyclists on club rides will be required to wear a helmet, have a mountain bike in a condition suitable for off-road use and carry the equipment to deal with basic repairs.


  1. Non-members are invited to accompany the club on two rides, after which they must pay the annual subscription.


  1. All riders will follow the Highway and Off-Road Codes.


  1. The Club shall be governed by a Committee elected at a General Meeting and consisting of the following officers:





Ordinary Member/Rides Coordinator

Other officials as required


Committee meetings should be held monthly if possible or as the current committee feels necessary.  At committee meetings, a quorum shall consist of at least three members.


  1. The Club shall hold an A.G.M. in March each year.  At least six weeks’ notice in writing shall be given to all members and an Agenda shall be distributed before the meeting.  Written propositions for the Agenda must reach the Secretary 28 days before the meeting and must be seconded by another member.


10.  The Treasurer shall present at the A.G.M. a Balance Sheet of the Club’s finances for the twelve months up to the 31st January of the current year.  The Balance Sheet shall be audited by the Club Auditors and circulated to all members before the A.G.M.


11.  A list of club rides will be drawn up and distributed to the members from time to time with various leaders according to the venue.



(Club Rules updated 27/11/09)


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