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Organising and leading a ride

Aim to make the ride open to all members. However, MCC acknowledges that you may have good reason to limit the numbers or restrict who may attend, and the club is happy for you to place such restrictions. Please make any reasons clear when you post to avoid awkwardness.
As a ride organiser, you may stipulate additional conditions for attendance. These should be reasonable and for the purpose of reducing risk. For example, if planning a ride that might take you some distance shelter, it would be quite reasonable to require that all riders bring a waterproof jacket.
Do ensure that you know your route well, or ensure that you take a map if trialling a route for the first time.
Make an assessment of the length/difficulty/climbing etc of your route so that people may judge whether it is appropriate for them.
Do keep an eye on the conditions leading up to and during the ride. Be prepared to cut a route short if the weather is turning or the light is failing.
Wait for slower riders, and regularly count heads. Ensure that everybody is ready to continue after a break. Be sure to point out technical and challenging trail features.


Signing up for a ride

Make an honest assessment of whether you are capable of completing the ride. If in doubt ask the leader who will be pleased to offer advice.
Remember that a ride may be being organised on the forum may be limited in terms of numbers or who is invited. For example, a group may quite reasonably be organising riding holiday with families and close friends with limited space. By all means ask, but respect the decision of the leader/organiser.
Be sure to leave the ride organiser in no doubt as to whether you are coming. Leaving them waiting for you not to turn up would be most unfortunate.

Preparing for a ride

Do your best to be self sufficient. Bring enough food and water to sustain yourself, and tools and spares to keep your bike rolling. If you are short of any tools or spares, let the ride organiser know so that you will not be left behind with a flat tyre.


Although the club provides indemnity insurance for the ride leaders, individuals are highly recommended to obtain 3rd-party liability insurance of their own, although it is not required. This may be provided by your home insurance, but MCC members have access to reduced-rate cycling-specific insurance. Contact the committee or check the website for more details.
Do consider wearing additional safety equipment appropriate for the riding you are undertaking in addition to a helmet, for example gloves, glasses and body armour.
Your fellow riders have years of experience fixing, tweaking and bodging trailside mechanical problems. Ask if you are having issues, and they will be pleased to show of their knowledge.
Do carry a phone for emergency use.
People ride at different speeds, and passing on narrow singletrack is often difficult to do safely, and often impossible. If you are behind a slower rider and wish to go faster, ask politely when it is safe or pause to make a gap. Consider allowing faster riders to set off ahead of you on narrow tracks. They might even show you some good lines!

Use of the website
Be web savvy. Do not post personal details like your telephone number on the forum unless you are willing for everybody in the world to see it.
The forum is provided as a means for the club members to communicate quickly and in groups. Remember that there is a club outside of the forum.
Consider the feelings of others, and use a private message rather than a public posting where appropriate. Flaming people online is not cool.
If you find a posting on the forum or gallery not to your taste, but within the code of conduct, simply ignore it. Members have the right to express themselves on the forum. Do not get drawn into an argument. Post nothing yourself.
If you have a genuine complaint about any material posted on the forum, mark the post as inappropriate or contact a moderator. The moderator will take up your case and attempt to resolve it to your satisfaction. This will be done in confidence and in private (not openly on the forum). Experience has shown that people who wade in all guns blazing end up becoming very unpopular. Bear in mind that what you find offensive may be a misunderstanding on the part of the author or yourself, or it could by something as trivial as a typo. Let the moderator investigate it on your behalf and save yourself the grief.
If a complaint against you is made, you will be informed by a moderator who will seek an amicable resolution on behalf of the club and the complainant. You will be given every opportunity to represent yourself, but should cooperate with the decision of the moderator who may ask you to apologise (privately) or correct/edit/remove your posting as appropriate. Complying with this process is the politest thing to do and no further action need be taken be taken. Failure to cooperate with a moderator in this process or repeated complaints being made against you may result in disciplinary action. - see the rules.
Above all, keep a sense of humour and perspective. We all get sucked into banter with our mates from time to time, and it is perfectly acceptable.

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